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About Irene

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Irene is a 16-year-old girl, who lives at Olgilai Arusha. She was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy when she was 3 years old. When we visited her the first time, she had no wheelchair and her parents said that she just sits on a chair outside her house. She can eat with assistance, play and interact with others, but can’t talk. The new wheelchair will help her caregivers and most importantly, will allow Irene to sit more comfortably, be able to go to the playground, and interact with her peers and other people in the community. During the delivery of the wheelchair, the family, their pastor and neighbors were really happy to see it and very thankful. Last Sunday was the first Sunday she went to church after more than 6 years since her mother was no longer able to carry her from their home to church. A happy day for all!

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