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About Steve

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Steve is a 21 yrs old and lives at Njia Panda Moshi. He was diagnosed with sickle cell at 5 months of age. When he was 9 yrs old, he had a stroke secondary to the sickle cell disease. He started rehabilitation in Iringa at Inuka Rehab Center.  He is being assisted by his family in self care activities.  Due to poor sitting posture, he had started to develop a deformity in the back (kyphoscoliosis).  We were able to provide him a wheelchair just in time because that deformity became rigid (it is flexible to normal); which means the wheelchair will help to correct it!  Also, the wheelchair gives him dignity because he is a grown up man now and the family members used to carry him but now they use the wheelchair.  Honestly, that smile says it all!

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